With Papa Josh Suhrheinrich at The Point – July 18-20, 2017 (Condensed to three days)

Into the Groove Music Camp is a fun, active way for students of any instrument to play in a band, develop their sense of rhythm and understanding of music and stay active outdoors with daily activities and adventures. Students ages 13 and over will learn about various styles of music, focusing especially on rhythm and the roles various instruments play to establish a solid groove, from rock to swing, funk, hip-hop and more — to enhance their inner sense of rhythm and hone their playing and overall musicianship. The camp will conclude with a final student performance, featuring songs they want to learn and a song they compose together.

Tuesday, July 18 – Thursday, July 20 – 9am-3pm
Ages 13 years and up / Healthy snack included

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Into the Groove Music Camp is founded and run by Papa Josh Suhrheinrich, an experienced performer and instructor who has helped numerous young musicians through private studies, group classes and workshops, as well as performing and instructing at esteemed summer music programs such as the Shell Lake Jazz Camp in Shell Lake, Wisconsin and the Northern Illinois University Music Camp in DeKalb, Illinois.

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